Who We Are

Proof Collective is a San Francisco-based community of women who live, love and work in food. Among us are restaurateurs, chefs, bakers, farmers, artisanal producers, winemakers, wine sellers, chocolatiers, marketers, writers, book publishers, technologists, financiers and more.

What We Do

We connect monthly over a shared meal to empower and support each other throughout all aspects of creating, growing and running small and large food businesses—from profit-focused entrepreneurialism and business strategies to personal development.

Our Vision

We seek to build an entrusted, empowered female community of bad-ass food industry professionals, who can connect openly and honestly about the challenges, successes and everything-in-between of running food businesses.

The word "proof " has many meanings, and all relate in their own way to this very special group of bad-ass women.


n. evidence or an argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement. "Chloe's salary is proof that a woman can earn more money than her male counterparts."

n. a form of deductive reasoning that establishes mathematical truth or validity. "One of the simplest proofs I know is a case for 'For every integer x, if x is odd, then x+1 is even.' Here you go: Suppose x is odd. Let w be an integer such that x = 2w+1. Adding 1 to both sides of this equation, we get x+1 = 2w+2. Let y = w+1; then y is an integer and x+1 = 2y, so x + 1 is even. Q.E.D."

n. a bread dough's reflective rest-and-relaxation period required before its growth into beautiful fully-baked goodness. "Chad told me the proof time on the sourdough levain is 2 hours - just enough time to make it to Bikram and back."

adj. the strength of distilled alcoholic liquor, relative to proof spirit taken as a standard of 100. "Pass me the mezcal. I need something higher proof than this beer." 

adj. able to withstand something potentially damaging; resistant. "During her Whole30 experiment, Rachel's willpower was proof against even the highest quality cronut."

n. a trial page or printed work. "Olivia's editor at Simon & Schuster was pleasantly surprised to receive the proof of her cookbook two weeks in advance of the deadline." 

We are Proof.